Solar Industry

Lasers have been established as the perfect tool to cut, scribe, ablate, drill, circuit isolate or edge isolate and are considered the tool of choice to mark and identify (direct part marking or DPM) during the manufacturing stages used to produce photovoltaic solar cells.

Lasers offer environmental friendly and comparatively “green” earth friendly processing techniques. Being environmental friendly is another advantage of lasers, particularly when compared with screen-printing/lithographic technologies used in this industry. The idea of “green” laser-based tools echos the solar company’s mission statements and marketing campaigns.

Thin film panels and Crystalline-silicon (c-Si) and thin-film panels are the two most common solar cell types in Photovoltaic Solar Panel Manufacturing today.

Lasers have had a big impact in c-Si cell manufacturing because Crystalline-silicon solar panels are the majority of photovoltaic cells produced today. Lasers can be utilized at several stages within the c-Si production. In contrast, thin-film solar manufacturing uses lasers primarily for thin-film patterning.

ALW offers both prototype, short run and production quality machines for the photovoltaic solar cell industry.