Sealed Tube CO2 Gas Recharge

Regular maintenance plans for CO2 (when should we refill the gases?)

Can we make the filling with our staff or we should send it to your factory?”

These are RF excited sealed tube CO2 lasers. The source is either Synrad or Coherent Sealed tube carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are similar to sealed He/Ne (helium and neon) and Ar/Kr (argon and krypton) lasers in that the gas is preserved within the tube cylinder and is not refilled during use. However, the size of the tube and its bore are different as they are meant to function in using a much longer CO2 wavelength. Sealed CO2 lasers are offered in power output ranging from 10 watts to upwards to 400 W (or more).

The gas refilling process for RF excited CO2 tubes typically occurs between 60,000 hours and 100,000 hours of use. The requirement for gas recharging is typified by a gradual decrease in output power over a period of weeks. Common wisdom is that gas recharge is needed because free O2 molecules bond with the aluminum housing of the tube forming aluminum oxide and disturbing the gas balance while at the same time coating the sealed Brewster windows. The gas recharge procedure is complex and is done at the factory that assembled the tubes. At the time of gas recharge the RF electronics is typically replaced and upgraded.

There is an exchange program available. We send you a replacement sealed tube CO2 and credit you a core charge when you return the old tube which we send back to the factory for refurbishment.