Laser Cutting

In many ways using a laser to cutting can be visualized as being similar to laser welding.

Laser cutting is a process by which the light energy from a laser beam impinges on the work piece in order to apply intense heat and separate a desired shaped piece from a substrate being cut. Cutting is almost always a vectored process (as opposed to a raster process) defined by cut width, cut depth and direction of the cut.

Successful laser cutting must consider not only the light energy absorption and reflection properties of the material to be cut but is also very dependent on the physical properties of the material such as thickness, width and length, glues or bonding agents, re-melt, splatter, outgasing from the material, potential for flame up and in some cases moisture content. Other considerations such as beam profile, energy density, laminate gas flow and fume exhausts make laser cutting a unique, specialized, technical and artistic skill set; providing a specialized and profitable market niche, that you are looking for to expand your business.

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