T500 Features

  • SmartPOINT Positioning Device
    (Patent Pending)

  • Our 4 beam red diode positioning system make replication simple and accurate.  Each beam can be directed at distinct points on the material to precisely replicate previous jobs..

  • Knife-shaped Cutting Table

  • Our T500 delivers a clear cutting edge with reduced laser reflections. The cutting table can be adjusted without the use of tools to create multiple levels of working depths.

  • QuickALIGN Remote Control
    (Patent Pending)

  • The QuickALIGN design will save time with its user friendly remote control.

  • LED Light Illumination System

  • Our long life LED light module makes it easy to view work in progress.

  • Superior Engraving Quality

  • By including both cutting and engraving capability in one product there is no wasted time switching machines.  The T500 can perform consistent raster performance on even large surfaces.

  • Supporting Pin Kit

  • Hold the object firmly in place preventing it from falling off and reducing the possibility of laser reflection damage.

  • AAS Contour Cutting Device
    (Patent Pending)

  • Automatic graphics tracking allows for accurate contour cutting with ease.

  • Outstanding Cutting Capability

  • With up to 200W output power options the LaserPro T500 can cut through 1" acrylic in one pass with an unmatched smooth cutting edge.

  • SmartLID Easy Access

  • The easy to access design makes maintenance and material loading a snap.  A safety interlock design prevents the laser from firing while the cover is open.

  • AC Servo Motor

  • Our high speed, high torque Servo Motor assures long motor life and high precision.