Developed on the basis of GCC LaserPro’s accumulated technology with new powerful motion system. GCC LaserPro T500 is capable of exceptional 3D engraving quality and cutting at high speed which make it a high ROI laser system on the market. Equipped powerful 200W laser tube allow user to deliver clear and fine cutting result. GCC LaserPro T500 is a dedicated design to fulfill your cutting and engraving needs in one machine with high throughput and superb quality. With a series of user-definable features, the T500 is the flexible and user-friendly laser system for your choice

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Reliable and Made in USA CO2 Lasers



        Perfect Cutting and Engraving Through put.  Maximum 140ips processing speed with powerful DC servo motor to boost productivity while maintaining precision.

        Higher Working depth. Depth of Z-axis up to 11” (280mm).

        Dust Prevention.  Reduce the dust into the machine and gantry during processing with protection design.

        Intuitive Touch Screen. Operation is easy and intuitive with the 4” touchscreen.

        SmartLID™ & Smart light, illuminates the working space .                      SmartFLOW™ Technology, creates a perfect Air Flow to enhance the vacuum effect and bring out the dust completely while working.

       SmartACT™ (Patented). Ground-breaking technology that reduce the ramping process,

        Convenient front and rear door open design enables loading of extremely long working pieces with ease and extends business flexibility.

         SmartSEAL™ Technology. New gantry design to prevent dust, the easy take-off cover also makes the maintenance a lot easier

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